Lost and Found Pets


If you have lost your pet, act quickly! The first 24 hours can make a difference in finding your pet.

To view Dogs that have come into LHS as Strays

To view Cats that have come into LHS as Strays

Also check out this new app that can help you get reunited with your pet: https://bestfriends.org/lost-and-found-pets.  You can download it for free from this page and it will work with GPS in the area to help you locate your pet.

If you do not see your pet, keep looking. Call the other shelters and organizations in the area and contact us to report them lost.

Pets end up here sometimes weeks after they get lost so never stop looking.

It is always best to visit the shelter in person to see if your pet is here and put up flyers about your lost pet in your neighborhood.

The Pittsylvania Pet Center can only accept stray animals found in the County of Pittsylvania. This allows owners the opportunity to find their animals in the county where they live and lost them.

If you find a lost pet please take that pet to the animal control facility in the county where it was found.

Tips for finding a lost pet:

  • Lost pets may hide in fear. Do not count on “here kitty, kitty” or treats to get them to come to you. Get down and dirty, search all possible hiding places outside, look under sheds, decks, houses, etc. Most animals are found close to home. Talk to your neighbors and, after asking permission, search at your neighbors. Put out food and water in hopes the dog or cat will return home for food.
  • Place Posters at busy intersections. Posters should be GIANT and FLORESCENT COLORS; be brief and to the point and create a visual image. Try: Lost, a photo and your number. Post around town at veterinary clinics, schools, grocery and convenience stores, and anywhere else you think might make a difference.
  • For shy dogs and cats, set a humane trap near the point of escape. (the SPCA has humane traps available for rent); Call all the shelters around where you live and visit them regularly.
  • Contact and leave a description with your mail carrier, newspaper carrier, garbage truck drivers, local landscapers.

Tips if you have found a pet:

When you find a lost pet you have a couple of choices and decisions to make, we suggest you check out the following information and do what you feel is right for your situation.

  • If you have discovered an adult cat that has suddenly appeared at your home or business we suggest that you leave it alone.  You can give it water but please do not feed the cat.  66% of all lost cats will find their way home if left alone.  Only between 2-4% find their way back to their owners from local shelters.  If the cat is still there after a few days to a week then you should bring the cat in to us.  If the cat is injured or sick then do not hesitate to bring the lost cat into the shelter.If you decide to feed the cat or bring them into your home then please put up posters and ask neighbors because more times than not they belong to someone around you.
  • Call the Pittsyvania Pet Center and other neighboring animal control agencies and report that you found a lost pet. Give a thorough description and you will be contacted if someone calls reporting a lost pet with the same description. You can keep the cat until the owner is found or you can bring them into the shelter.
  • Put up flyers in your neighborhood and surrounding areas to let the person looking know that you found their lost pet.
  • If you find that no one has responded to these efforts after a few days you can then take the pet down to your local shelter and turn it in as a stray.
  • For tiny kittens without a mother, there is usually a mother around.  Contact us for advice on how to care for the kittens and find the mother so she can be fixed so you don’t find more kittens in a number more  months.  If you can foster the kittens until they are old enough we can certainly give you supplies, the best place for kittens, that are under 8 weeks, is in a home because they are so fragile and have not developed they immune systems yet and are very suseptible to illness in a shelter environment.  If you truly want to help kittens allow them time to get older and that way they can stay healthy and get a new home more quickly.

If you find an injured lost pet please call animal control at (434) 432-7937